The Design Process

Creating a website is a collaborative process between Seven Paths Web Design and you. A typical design sequence involves the following steps.

Initial Meeting

At our initial meeting, we'll discuss what your business or organization is like and the goals you have in mind for your website. We'll look at a portfolio of possible web designs and develop a general idea of how you would like your website to appear. This initial meeting is free of charge.

Proposal and Contract

Based on the initial meeting, I'll write a formal proposal and an associated contract that describe in detail what the website will be like and how much it will cost. I'll send this proposal and contract to you within a few days of the initial meeting. Through a process of negotiation, we'll come to agreement on a final version of the proposal and contract.

Homepage Comp

To establish the look and feel of your website, I'll develop several comps (comprehensive sketches) of your homepage. These are jpeg images that look like a web page but do not actually work. I'll post the comps on a part of my server that only you have access to. Based on your comments, I'll then create a second set of comps. After another round or two, we should have a single comp that closely represents the homepage you want.

Interior Page Comp

Using a process similar to the one for selecting a homepage design, we'll work together to choose an interior page design based on comps.

Website Draft

Once the look and feel of the website has been finalized in the proceeding steps, I'll create a working draft of your entire website on my server. Then, based on your comments, I'll revise the website. With further discussion and another revision or two, we should have the finished website.


When the revision process has been completed, I'll post your finished website to a server of your choice.

Changes to the Final Website

Sometimes, you will become aware of problems with your website once it has been posted to your server. If needed, I will make further changes to the final website for a limited time.

Custom Graphics and Animations

If your website involves custom graphics or animations, a similar process will be used to ensure that these meet your needs.


Because I use a fixed fee, there is a limit to how many revisions I can make. Your contract will specify the maximum number of revisions allowed without incurring additional charges. However, my emphasis will always be on making your website as close to what you want as possible.