At Seven Paths Web Design, I will always give you a firm price for your entire project. The exact price will vary depending on your needs, but it will follow the general guidelines below.

Hourly Rate

The cost for your project is based on a rate of $15.00 per hour. This hourly rate applies regardless of the specific work involved. However, if a subcontractor is involved, the hourly rate for the part of the work done by the subcontractor will be based on the subcontractor's fee schedule.

Typical Cost for a Small Web Site

A small web site of eight to ten pages typically costs about $600. Making the website adaptive, so that it will display well on mobile devices and wide screens, adds about $600 more. Simple animation with JavaScript, Flash, or HTML5 adds about $200. A ready-made blog or forum also adds about $200. A ready-made e-commerce system adds about $300.

Custom programming can significantly improve the quality of your website, providing much greater flexibility and speed. A custom-programmed blog or forum adds about $1200 to the cost of a small website. A simple, custom-programmed e-commerce system adds about $5000. Larger or more complex projects can cost considerably more.

Hosting Costs

Seven Paths does not provide hosting services, and hosting costs are not included in my fees. You may choose any third-party hosting service you wish or use your own server. Typical hosting costs for a shared server are about $8 per month. To provide a secure connection, you will need an SSL certificate, which adds another $10 or so per month.


A discount of 25% will be taken off the price of the entire project if Seven Paths is allowed to place a footer on each web page that says: Site Design by Seven Paths Web Design. The footer must remain on all pages as long as the original design is used.


I would be more than happy to give you a free, binding estimate for your web project. Just contact me to set up an appointment.