Seven Paths Web Design offers a wide variety of services to help make your website exceptional.

Graphic Design

I can provide a broad range of graphic design services, including typographic design, logo design, photography, photo retouching, and technical illustration. I cannot create artwork that requires a high degree of artistic skill, but I can usually work with an artist to create the design your website requires.

Copy Creation and Editing

I can compose original text for your website based on your guidelines or edit text you provide me. You can specify the style or tone you prefer, and I will do my best to create text that suits your website.


I can create Javascript, Flash, and HTML5 animation of many kinds, such as slide shows, animated diagrams, and three-dimensional product illustrations. Animation that requires highly sophisticated artwork or techniques is probably beyond me, but I can create almost any other kind of animation you need.


I can develop custom programs for your website to create features such as blogs, forums, customer response forms, and shopping carts. I have found that ready-made programs, such as those used in content management frameworks like Drupal and Joomla, rarely provide the exact features a particular website calls for, and usually run noticeably slower than custom programming. I therefore generally write my own program code by hand specifically for your site. If cost is a primary concern, I can also adapt ready-made programs for your site.

Usability Testing

I can conduct small-scale, informal usability testing. This type of usability testing typically involves just a few subjects in a natural setting such as an office or home. While it may not be as accurate as more sophisticated usability testing, its low cost and quick turnaround means it can be used repeatedly as a website is developed. This in turn allows testing of a wider range of alternatives, and can result in a better website overall.